Beverley came over last night and I can’t tell you what a lovely woman she is. James and I think she’s perfect. Thank you very much for facilitating this!

Sandra (grade 5 English and math)

I have found my experience with Book Smart thus far has been very professional and helpful, and your prices very reasonable. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. As for the Nasim, I found her to be very calm and relaxed, helpful, experienced, friendly and I really like that she listened to our needs and expectations and than took the initiative with the lesson after that.

Star S. (Grade 7 French)

Shanna-Victorya was very nice, and seemed to get on very well with my daughter. I like her approach to learning, and thought her ideas for how Sanderae could work on her own until the next session were well chosen, given how intimidated she’s been finding the subject, and should be perfectly manageable for her. They seem to be off to a great start.

Janis Z. (Grade 9 French)

The tutoring session went really well. It was a pleasure meeting Nafees and he and my son got along very well. He stayed for 2 1/2 hours which was fine with us because he wanted to finish his session with PJ and talk to us after. He explained how he would like to approach the sessions and was very open to feedback from PJ and us.

Kathy P. (Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors)