Making the Most of a ‘Parent/Teacher Interview’

As often happens, with the issue of report cards comes the invitation for a ‘parent/teacher interview’, either by way of a letter sent home with the student or by a notice on the school’s website (where formal scheduling often occurs). These meetings in many jurisdictions are required by law, and must be held on a … Continue reading Making the Most of a ‘Parent/Teacher Interview’

Oh, yes … my ‘Report Card’

It’s that time of year when report cards are issued for students after their first semester. One can usually tell, given that teenage chatter on school buses and public transit typically reaches a fever pitch, as report cards are ferried home by students who have had a peek at their results with reactions ranging from … Continue reading Oh, yes … my ‘Report Card’

Homework: A ‘fact of life’

Source: Mention ‘homework’ as a topic, and most educators, administrators, teachers, parents, and students will never be at a loss for words. Whether in fact justified or not, the age-old debate over the usefulness of homework, when, and how much, has persisted, even as education and technology continue to evolve and adapt to each other … Continue reading Homework: A ‘fact of life’

Grade 6 Math Achievement – Crying for Help!

National Canadian media was awash recently with stories about the latest standardized test results from Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office that relate to ‘Grade 6 Math’, in particular. Administered in May/June of the past school year, there is parental and professional dismay and disappointment over the fact that 50% of those taking the test … Continue reading Grade 6 Math Achievement – Crying for Help!

Cursive Writing – Getting ‘LEGIBLE”!

It seems appropriate that, after working over the problem of illegible handwriting in my last ‘blog’, I now turn to ways designed to improve technique and point us in the direction of cursive writing that is pleasant to read, as opposed to being a chore to decipher. There’s likely ‘unlearning’ involved here, never easy, but … Continue reading Cursive Writing – Getting ‘LEGIBLE”!

A Beautifully Typed Argument for Cursive Writing

                Occasionally in the course of tutoring, I encounter a student whose handwriting is so utterly illegible that I immediately am convinced that he or she is destined to become an M.D. (Word processing has been a godsend for the medical profession!) Whether or not the student ultimately will practice medicine, however, is beside the … Continue reading A Beautifully Typed Argument for Cursive Writing